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Singnificance of English and An Impressive Personality

“English” being the most spoken and written language on the earth made it as an universal language. This is the most commonly used language among the people to communicate with each other. The significance of English can be measured when you browse over Internet you seet More than 80% of home pages on the Web are in English and More than 85% of world’s business is happening as English as the level of communication. No matter where you live and what you do, if you do not know English then you are living a life of isolation. At DSM Academy , we strive to coach our students in a very interactive way so that they are able to speak, write and understand English which in turn will help them to be successful in their academic and business ventures.

Personality is something that arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout life. It comprises all of the personal and interpersonal life skills such as thoughts, behavior patterns, and social attitudes that impact how we view ourselves and what we think about others and the world around us .Personality development is the enhancement of these life skills as these are essential to make the growth of happiness and success possible in one’s life. These life skills are like the pillars on which our whole career is set up and hence the success and the failure depends on the choice of those skills. At DSM Academy, we polish our candidate’s personal and inter-personal skills by organizing their thoughts, feelings and behavior into a cohesive and coherent unit to suit the professional environment, they may be studying or working in.

Course Toolkit (Spoken English)

  • Vocabulary Building.
  • Pronunciation / Expression / Accent Neutralization.
  • Grammar and its smooth understanding.
  • Subject Verb-Agreement.
  • Hesitation Removal.
  • G.D / Debates.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Newspaper Reading.
  • Extempore Speech.

Course Toolkit (Personality Development)

  • Interview Preparation.
  • Etiquette (Table Manners / Telephone Etiquette).
  • Personal Grooming.
  • Body-Language.
  • Self esteem Improvement.
  • Motivation & Inspiring Virtual Activities.
  • Time Management.

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All study material is provided by the institute. A certificate is awarded by the institute on completion of the course by the candidate. Unique Course delivery across various levels (1-6) to help candidates across varying acumen. Professionals desiring to achieve higher potential can benefit immensely from our customised courses.