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MATLAB is a platform that is used to write programs that are based on matrix which allows the natural expression of computational mathematics.

MATLAB is mostly used in analyzing the data, developing and creating algorithms, creating applications and reasoning models and creating mathematical functions for research and development.

If you are an engineering student who wants to make a career in machine learning and deep learning then MATLAB plays a crucial role in your career success because it is used for solving logical problems.


  • Mathematics:

    If you want to learn MATLAB then you should firstly learn advanced mathematical concepts because the use of MATLAB is depended on advanced mathematics concepts.

  • Programming Basics:

    MATLAB is a programming platform, that's why it is important to everyone who wants to develop their skills in MATLAB, must have the basic knowledge of Object-oriented Programming for understanding the MATLAB source code.

  • Syntax:

    If you want to become a MATLAB expert then you should have the proper knowledge of syntax which is used in it because MATLAB purely works on syntax.

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