Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Course

Welcome to the Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Course, a comprehensive 6-month program that combines the power of digital marketing with essential graphic design skills.

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Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Course

Course description

Digital Marketing and Graphics Integration is an interdisciplinary course that blends the principles of digital marketing with graphic design to eq...

Digital Marketing and Graphics Integration is an interdisciplinary course that blends the principles of digital marketing with graphic design to equip students with the skills needed to create visually appealing and persuasive digital marketing campaigns. This course offers a unique blend of marketing strategy, graphic design techniques, and hands-on practice to help students harness the power of visual communication in the digital landscape. DSM academy will also provide paid 3 month internship.

What you’ll learn

Understand the Digital Marketing Landscape. Develop Digital Marketing Strategy. Master Graphic Design Fundamentals. Create Compelling Visual Content. Optimize Websites and Landing Pages. Integrate Graphics into Digital Marketing.


Introduction to Digital Marketing (3 lectures)
1. Understanding Digital Marketing

2. Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

3. The Digital Marketing Landscape - Platforms and Channels

Building a Strong Online Presence (3 lectures)
1. Website Development and Optimization

2. Content Marketing

3. Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (3 lectures)
1. SEO Fundamentals

2. SEO Best Practices

3. SEO Tools and Analytics

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) (3 lectures)
1. Introduction to PPC

2. Creating Effective Ad Campaigns

3. PPC Analytics and Optimization

Email Marketing (3 lectures)
1. Email Marketing Fundamentals

2. Email Campaign Management

3. Email Marketing Analytics

Social Media Marketing (3 lectures)
1. Social Media Strategy

2. Social Media Advertising

3. Influencer Marketing

Graphic Design for Digital Marketing (3 lectures)
1. Introduction to Graphic Design

2. Design Tools and Software

3. Creating Visual Content

Graphics and Multimedia Integration (3 lectures)
1. Integrating Graphics into Digital Marketing

2. Video Editing and Animation

3. Interactive Graphics

Analytics and Reporting (2 lectures)
1. Digital Marketing Metrics

2. Reporting and Dashboards

Digital Marketing Trends and Future Outlook (2 lectures)
1. Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

2. Preparing for the Futur

Final Projects and Certification (1 lectures)
1. Practical Application of Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Skills

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is digital marketing, and why is it important for education??

Digital marketing encompasses online strategies to promote educational services and engage with learners. It's crucial for reaching and attracting today's tech-savvy student population.

2. What will I learn in this digital marketing and graphic course??

You will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, and analytics, all tailored to the DSM Academy.

3. How can digital marketing benefit educational institutions and online courses as well as offline courses??

Digital marketing helps increase brand visibility, attract more students, improve student engagement, and ultimately boost enrollments for online courses as well as offline courses and educational programs.

4. Can I do this program along with my college???

Yes, you can! Our course is flexible and designed such that students can pursue it as per their schedule.

5. Is there a guarantee that I will get an internship??

Yes, of course, we will provide internships. We will create your profile, prepare a resume, conduct mock interviews, and do our best to help you get an internship. However, it is up to you how you best utilize our resources to secure an opportunity.

6. Do I need prior marketing experience to enroll in this course??

No prior marketing experience is required. This course is designed for beginners and those looking to apply digital marketing specifically in an educational context.

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