AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google that allows you to build dynamic web applications.

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Course description

AngularJS Fundamentals is a comprehensive course designed to teach you the core concepts and skills needed to develop web applications using the An...

AngularJS Fundamentals is a comprehensive course designed to teach you the core concepts and skills needed to develop web applications using the AngularJS framework. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced web developer looking to add AngularJS to your skillset, this course will provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to build dynamic, responsive, and interactive web applications.

What you’ll learn

The primary objective of an Angular course is to equip participants with a strong foundation in web development and in-depth knowledge of Angular, a powerful JavaScript framework. Participants will learn the essentials of building modern web applications, including Single Page Applications (SPAs), through hands-on experience. They will gain proficiency in core Angular concepts, component-based architecture, routing, HTTP communication, forms, validation, and state management. By the end of the course, students will be well-prepared to design, develop, and maintain robust Angular applications, making them valuable contributors to web development projects.


Introduction to AngularJS (2 lectures)
1. What is AngularJS and its history

2. Key features and advantages of AngularJS

Getting Started with AngularJS (2 lectures)
1. Setting up your development environment

2. Building your first AngularJS application

The AngularJS Architecture (2 lectures)
1. Understanding modules, controllers, and directives

2. The Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern in AngularJS

Data Binding and Templates (2 lectures)
1. Two-way data binding

2. Using templates to display data

Controllers and Scope (2 lectures)
1. Creating controllers

2. Managing scope and data in controllers

Directives (2 lectures)
1. Built-in directives (ng-repeat, ng-if, etc.)

2. Creating custom directives

Services and Dependency Injection (2 lectures)
1. Using services for reusable logic

2. Dependency injection in AngularJS

Routing and Single-Page Applications (SPAs) (2 lectures)
1. Setting up routes for SPAs

2. Navigating between views

Forms and Validation (2 lectures)
1. Building forms in AngularJS

2. Implementing client-side validation

Working with AJAX and APIs (2 lectures)
1. Making HTTP requests with $http

2. Consuming RESTful APIs

Testing AngularJS Applications (2 lectures)
1. Unit testing with Jasmine and Karma

2. End-to-end testing with Protractor

Optimizing and Deploying AngularJS Apps (2 lectures)
1. Best practices for performance optimization

2. Preparing your application for deployment

AngularJS Best Practices (2 lectures)
1. Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

2. Code organization and maintainability

Real-World Projects (2 lectures)
1. Building a complete web application using AngularJS

2. Project-based learning to reinforce concepts

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Angular, and why should I learn it??

Angular is a popular JavaScript framework for building dynamic web applications. Learning Angular can enhance your web development skills, improve your job prospects, and enable you to create modern, interactive web applications.

2. Do I need prior web development experience to enroll in the Angular course??

While prior web development knowledge is helpful, the course is designed to accommodate beginners and experienced developers. It covers both fundamental and advanced topics to cater to a wide range of skill levels.

3. What are the prerequisites for the course??

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is recommended. Familiarity with TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, is also beneficial but not mandatory.

4. Is this course available online or in-person??

DSM Academy offers offline or in-person versions of the Angular course to accommodate different learning preferences and locations.

5. What will I learn in the Angular course??

The course covers core Angular concepts, including components, modules, routing, forms, HTTP communication, and state management. You will also gain hands-on experience building real-world Angular applications.

6. What sets DSM Academy's Angular course apart from others??

DSM Academy's Angular course is known for its comprehensive curriculum, hands-on projects, experienced instructors, and job placement assistance, making it a valuable choice for those looking to excel in web development with Angular.

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