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React Native

Rs. 15000 Rs. 12000
Registration Fees : Rs. 300

Description : 

With react native, also known as RN, you can develop mobile applications using JavaScript. In a normal situation, the mobile apps use Java while developing an Android mobile app while Swift or Obj-C for app development for iOS. With React Native, you can develop mobile apps that function efficiently on both platforms.

Why React Native?

React Native is great for mobile apps. It provides a slick, smooth and responsive user interface, while significantly reducing load time. It is also much faster and cheaper to build apps in React Native as opposed to building native ones, without the need to compromise on quality and functionality.

5 Key Advantages of React Native:

  • 1.React Native is Community-driven.
  • 2.Maximum code reuse & cost saving.
  • 3.Live reload.
  • 4.Strong performance for mobile environment.
  • 5.Modular and intuitive architecture similar to React.

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